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First the easiest is that we see the shape of the paving block and compare with other paving it, but need to be careful again because not all paving block looks good and smooth it is strong paving block. In addition to the way to see and compare there is also another way that is, Banting paving is of a sufficient height and listen to his sound when slammed compared with others, usually a good paving block sound was loud. If both methods are used but still not satisfied you can bring the paving to the concrete test lab there where the actual results will be seen. Because the paving will be split into two and see the structure in it is really enough to meet the required composition or not, then the paving is pressed with a machine that can calculate the pressure strength of the paving block. Probably how to choose with the method taken to the laboratory is quite difficult and even takes a very long time, but that is where you can feel satisfied with the quality of the paving block.

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